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Google Sniper Review


Google Sniper is an affiliate marketing course by George Brown.

He first launched version 1.0 a few years back (as of today, September 2013, it’s version 2.0), leveraging the Warrior Forum to create testimonials and build buzz.

It worked.  Brilliantly, in fact.

Everyone went whacky over the blueprint, and for good reason.

Google Sniper was the first step-by-step system that actually allowed the struggling affiliate to generate results.

Even better, it was fast, simple, and cost almost nothing to implement.


I bought myself a copy as soon as I saw George selling it on ClickBank (where it’s still – now 3+ years later – the top-selling affiliate marketing course online).

I was instantly hooked.

I’ve been ‘sniping’ ever since.

I can honestly say…

… George Brown’s Google Sniper course laid the foundation for my high-six-figure super affiliate business that continues to grow month after month.


Google Sniper 2.0 costs $47.


Whaddya get for that $47, right?  The Google Sniper 2.0 course consists of a core sniper manual, with over-the-shoulder videos that compliment the manual:


It’s easy to consume, but also to take action on – something most how-to courses are completely lacking.


As you probably guessed, George’s method is all about creating “sniper sites” and getting them ranked high in Google.

Sniper websites are nothing more than small, laser-targeted blogs built around a buyer search term.

The most obvious example is THIS site.

It’s a tiny, innocent little blog where I’m reviewing Google Sniper.  I give you what you want – a real review.

And in turn, I get what I want – easy affiliate commissions from GS2.0 sales.

Wink, wink.

The glue that holds this thing together – the “it factor” if you will – is ranking on page one of Google.

When you can do that…

and you’re making sites around buyer search terms (like product names), it’s like clubbing baby seals.  Pretty freakin’ easy.

What makes this formula so appealing though, is the set-it-and-forget-it nature of the whole thing.

I’ve created successful sniper sites with as little as a few hours of work.

Then, never touched ‘em again.

Yet, they continue to bring in hands-free commissions each and every week, like clockwork.

Now that’s cool.

The Google sniping system is, what I believe, the most lifestyle-friendly way to make money online.  No customer support, no shipping or inventory, no dealing with payment processors – none of that garbage.

Just write some solid reviews, get ranked in Google, then rinse and repeat to your desired level of income.


Okay, now that I’ve got you all hot and bothered about Google Sniper 2, let’s step back to reality here.

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

And, does it still work in late 2013?

Yes, it’s easy and yes it still works, with a couple of asterisks.

Succeeding with a proven system like Google Sniper is a lot like losing weight.

A simple premise: east less, move more.

But look at the failure rates.  Sky-high, right?  Why is that?

It’s because most people don’t have the discipline and the drive to take consistent action every day for an extended period of time.

Maybe it’s a mindset issue.

Maybe their “why” isn’t strong enough.

Who knows.

Whatever it is, they never get the weight off.

It’s not that the blueprint failed them.  Burning more calories than you take in each day will result in weight loss 100% of the time.

It’s not that the action steps were too complicated.  Put down the fork; pick up the dumbbell – easy peasy.

It’s just average people being average.

They quit.  They don’t follow-through.  Know what I’m saying?

Making money with Google Sniper 2.0 is no different.  You can’t be average.  You gotta be willing to do what others aren’t.

And if you do, the sky’s the limit.

Because it works.

Every damn time.

If you watched my video at the top, you’ve seen all the proof you need.


No doubt about it, Google Sniper is worthy of the hype it receives.

It’s a tried and true model.

But no single affiliate marketing course is perfect.  And Google Sniper is no exception.  So, on top of some effort being required, what other downsides should you be aware of?

The most annoying thing is that some of George’s videos seem a little outdated.

Version 2.0 handled most of the internet changes – especially in regards to Google algorithm updates – but dude could stand to freshen up the course a little bit.

Next, and this ties into what I just said…

… I’m not sure the Google Sniper O.G. (George Brown) gives this product the attention it deserves.

My opinion is that he’s been spoiled by its massive success.

And he knows it’ll keep on selling like hotcakes whether he puts additional effort into it or not.

Finally, you’ll get hit with a couple of upsells after the initial purchase.

These are totally optional.

The first upsell is a case study showcasing one of George’s top snipers’ (not the top sniper, which is, of course, ME!) website that consistently makes passive commissions each month.

Pretty cool to see one of these money-makers in action.

The other upsell is a mass traffic marketing course, that breaks down George’s best sources of ‘extra’ traffic.

Again, a solid add-on for the money.

Both are your call, but I’m a big believer in investing in your education.

Specialized knowledge and wisdom trumps all.

You could wipe out all of my top sniper blogs tomorrow, and I’d be fine.  Why?  Because I’ve got the know-how to build new commission-crushing websites, quickly.

That’s worth more than anything.

But I wouldn’t have that wisdom if I was too scared to pay for it.  Just sayin’…

Oh, I should mention…


You’re covered by a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee, too.

That’s nuts.  Way too generous, in my opinion.

Don’t buy if you’re just super cheap and plan on abusing the system and asking for a refund 59 days from now.

Seriously.  Not cool.

Anyways, if you wanna give this program a shot, I’ll sweeten the pot:


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